Stability of TiO2 Colloid Dispersed by Ultrasonic dispersion method

S.A. Hwangbo, M.C. Chu, T.G. Lee
Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science,

Keywords: ultrasonic dispersion, cavitation, frequency, dosimetry


It is very important dispersion method of nano materials in masurement of standard materials(engineered nanomaterials), dosimetry and nano technologys. It should have powerful energy in order to disperse to the initial particle size, non-contact type that does not contaminate nanomaterials and, most of all, it should be a technique that secures dispersion stability that does not cause flocculation or sedimentation after dispersion. In this paper, we present the ultrasonic dispersion method using mid-frequency(300~400 kHz) that can uniformly disperse nanoparticles, including results of TiO2(P25) diseprsed and stability for 30 days after dispersion.