Enhancement of optical properties of Perovskite solar cells through added plasmonic nanostructures

N. Shehata, H. Badran, I. Kandas, A. Hajjiah
Kuwait College of Science and Technology,

Keywords: perovskite, solar cells, plasmonic, gold, absorption, efficiency


Nowadays, hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites have been recently considered the most hot research topic in solar energy harvesting, due to their promising optical and electrical properties, improved efficiency, relatively low-cost, and simple processing. However, the perovskite solar cells have some low optical absorption near red-visible region. This research work presents the enhancement of perovskite solar cell efficiency through adding films of gold nanoparticles using numerical simulations. The mean diameter of gold nanoparticles is selected to be above 400 nm to guarantee an overlap between plasmonic resonance spectrum with the low absorption spectrum of perovskite material. Added gold nanoparticles enhance the short circuit current density with an enhancement of the reflection loss. By increasing gold nanoparticles size, the current loss is found with a consecutive improvement in external quantum efficiency of the hybrid perovskite solar cell.