Nonlinear optical nanocomposite : Electrospun PVA nanofibers embedded with PCBS.

I. Kandas, E. Samir, N. Shehata, A.K. Mahmoud
Kuwait College of Science and Technology (KCST),,

Keywords: electrospinning, nanofibers, nonlinear optics, PCBS


This work presents a new electrospun nanocomposite of PVA nanofibers with embedded nonlinear optical nanostructure of poly {1-[p-(3’-carboxy-4’-hydroxyphenylazo) benzenesulfonamido]-1, 2-ethandiyl} (PCBS). PVA polymer has been synthesized and converted into nanofibers via electrospinning process. Moreover, PCBS of different concentrations are added in-situ to be embedded with the generated nanofibers. This nanomaterial is optically active due to the second order nonlinear optical behavior of PCBS. The formed nanocomposite shows promising generated second harmonic intensity. In addition, the optimum concentration of aqueous PCBS to generate maximum intensity is investigated and was found to be ~ 1 wt. %. The applied wavelength is 1550 nm while the generated one is 775 nm. The synthesized optical nanocomposite can be useful for further biomedical applications.