Eldon Tate

Chief Executive Officer

Inhibit Coatings, New Zealand

Eldon Tate graduated with a PhD in Chemistry from Victoria in 2016. He completed his PhD under the supervision of Professor Jim Johnston in the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences. His research focussed on functional materials, imparting new and interesting properties to plastics and paints through the incorporation of nanoparticles.

With the end of his PhD in sight, Eldon wasted no time in kick-starting his career. Between submitting his thesis and graduation, he had already secured investment from PowerHouse Ventures Ltd and started up an antimicrobial coatings company, Inhibit Coatings Limited. The company is producing novel antimicrobial coatings for various applications. The coatings will initially be targeted for use in the HVAC industry, with marine antifouling the ultimate goal.