Bernard Lupien

General Partner

Rhapsody Ventures

Bernard started his career selling Dickie Dee ice cream from a custom tricycle equipped with a modified fiberglass cooler. Finding that to be a really hard way to make a living (and dangerous too), he eventually found his way to McGill University where after repeated attempts he managed to escape with a chemistry degree. Working as a bench chemist in AgTech (before anyone even knew to call it AgTech), Bernard discovered he wasn’t all that great at doing research, so he tried sales in every industry that would hire him, robotics, chemicals, catalyst and laboratory equipment. In what he was sure was an admission mix-up, MIT let him in the front door where he mercifully discovered his superpower – evangelizing early stage hard science technology. First working as the VP of Business Development at TIAX (with Kenan Sahin and the former Arthur D. Little team), and now as General Partner at Rhapsody Venture Partners, Bernard’s passionate mission is to help applied sciences innovation find its way to the market so that its potential can be realized and humanity can benefit.