Felipe Gómez del Campo


FGC Plasma Solutions LLC

Felipe Gomez del Campo is the founder and the CEO of FGC Plasma Solutions, a Boston-based company which uses plasma to fundamentally improve combustion across a wide variety of systems leading to improvements in emissions, fuel consumption and operability. FGC Plasma’s technology has applications in energy, aerospace and national security. Felipe originally started this research as a high school science fair project and now, over six years later he has a patent on the technology and has raised over $1.3 M in funding from the Department of Energy, NASA  and others.   Felipe was named to the 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Energy category and in that same year was honored at The White House by President Barack Obama as an emerging global entrepreneur. Recently, FGC Plasma was selected by NASA’s Chief Technologists as the 2018 X-factor innovation award through NASA Itech. Felipe currently holds a Visiting Scientist appointment at MIT and is collaborating with the institute to help FGC Plasma’s technology take flight.

Felipe has a bachelor’s in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Case Western Reserve University as well as a Masters in aerospace engineering also from CWRU.  While at CWRU, Felipe was also a varsity athlete, swimming distance freestyle for the Spartans for four years.