Copper sensing via colorimetric and fluorometric approaches

P.U. Ashvin, I. Fernando, G.K. Kosgei, L.C. Moores
U.S. Army Engineer Corp. ERDC,
United States

Keywords: UV-Vis spectroscopy, Fluorscence Spectroscopy, Chelates, Ligands, Quantum dots


The Material teams at ERDC-EL-EPC has successfully synthesized several novel ligands, chelates and carbon quantum dots that have the capability of binding copper (Cu2+) in an aqueous solutions. Some of these ligands, shown in the figure below, display quenching of fluorescence as copper binds on the active site of these molecules. In addition, some chelating molecules exhibits visual changes with addition of small amounts of copper. This is due to binding of copper which promotes modifications in the absorption maxima. The overall detection limits of these molecular sensors are around ppb and ppm range, which shows that these can be easily used in facile, real-time copper monitoring