Recent Progress Demonstrating the Safety of Graphene

J.D. Ede, J.A. Shatkin, K.J. Ong
Vireo Advisors,

Keywords: graphene, safety, occupational safety, toxicology


Graphene nanomaterials have an incredible diversity of commercial applications creating a number of market opportunities. However, to realize these opportunities, these materials must be demonstrated to be safe to both ensure responsible commercialization, but also to meet regulatory obligations in markets worldwide. This talk will discuss the current state of the science for demonstrating the safety of graphene nanomaterials including safety toward workers, consumers, and the environment for select commercial applications. Results from an extensive review of available safety data in the public domain will highlight the status of knowledge versus current data gaps for regulatory purposes, creating priorities for future data development to ensure safe handling and use of graphene nanomaterials. Proposed next steps will be outlined, including use of identified data gaps to develop an environmental health and safety roadmap to systematically address gaps in knowledge and demonstrate the safety of graphene nanomaterials.