Large-scale uniform inkjet-printed perovskite solar cells

W.J. Jeong, G. Oh, B.M. Weon
Sungkyunkwan University,

Keywords: inkjet, printing, perovskite, solar cells


Inkjet printing is a promising way to printed electronics in industry, particularly in renewable energy industry for solar cells. Quality, cost, and delivery of solar cells are practically important in industrial applications. Perovskite solar cells are expected to replace silicon solar cells. Recently, cost reduction is a requisite for feasibility of perovskite solar cells, which can be achieved with inkjet printing. Here we show a possibility of inkjet printing to improve large-scale perovskite solar cells. Particularly, we examine single and multiple nozzles to produce uniform droplets for perovskite solar cells. This result may offer a feasibility of large-scale uniform solar cells with inkjet printing.