Design of Next Generation of Plastics with Cellulose Filaments

Helen Lentzakis

Product Manager

Kruger Biomaterials Inc.

Ms. Helen Lentzakis joined Kruger Biomaterials Inc. in 2017. Helen is responsible for the product management and application development of cellulose filaments in plastic composites and concrete. Forming close ties with customers, and R&D centers, she is collaborating with them on the development of new products incorporating cellulose filaments.
Before joining Kruger, Helen worked as an application specialist at NanoXplore in Montreal, a product development engineer at Polymer Dynamix in NJ and a research scientist at Borealis in Austria. She led many projects which resulted in material and technology development and commercialization.
Helen completed her Master’s and Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from McGill University and her PhD in Material Science at the University of Crete. Her post-doc was at École Supérieure Physique et Chimie Industrielle (ESPCI) ParisTech on self-healing materials. Helen has been a member of the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) since 2016. She was a Board member of SPE Quebec in 2017