Converting Nanoparticles into Functional Materials

Peter Bishop

Research Manager

Johnson Matthey Technology Centre, United Kingdom

Dr Peter Bishop joined Johnson Matthey in 1988 and currently holds the position of Technology Manager responsible for the catalysis and materials department at the central research facility, JMTC.  His group is engaged in a range of applied research areas such as energy storage (batteries), catalytic, nano-material and glass/ceramic based programs where the emphasis is on materials synthesis and related chemical/physical properties.  Peter has been instrumental in bringing externally funded initiatives/projects to supplement JM strategy and has built up key contacts throughout Europe and the UK. His area of expertise is in nanoparticle synthesis of PGM and Coinage metals and exploring the relationship of molecular inorganic precursors and functions films/devices.

Before Johnson Matthey Peter worked at the Agricultural Research Centre, Unit of Nitrogen Fixation at Sussex university studying metal-sulfur model complexes for nitrogen activation to ammonia. He obtained his BSc at Sussex and PhD at Essex University.