GURU: Mission-Critical in Minutes Not Hours

B. Aylaian
United States

Keywords: Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Computer-Aided Engineering, Trajectory Simulation, Virtual World Immersive Training


MSBAI develops a 'Universal Interface for Simulation' called GURU — a cognitive AI assistant that enables untrained users to run specialized simulation software. GURU is an 'AI layer' between human and computer, and will become a new commercial solution to enabling engineers to begin using a broad range of powerful simulation software like never before. GURU addresses the expertise barrier, democratizing access and minimizing the human workload needed to translate engineering questions into computational workflows, decreasing the setup time of a simulation from hours to minutes. GURU addresses three simulation market verticals: computer-aided engineering, trajectory and mission planning, and virtual world immersive training. MSBAI has been awarded two SBIR Phase II contracts: 1) to adapt GURU to reduce the time needed to set up new threat trajectory simulations from hours to minutes for the USAF and MDA, 2) to adapt GURU to radically scale up utilization of engineering simulation to address the USAF's need to reduce the design of new aerial platforms from a decade+ to one year. We have begun to adapt GURU to reduce the time needed to create immersive training scenarios from hours to minutes in software applications such as MAK ONE and AFSIM.