NanoScaffold–Enhanced Composites for Next Generation Light Aircrafts

H. Dalir
Multiscale Integrated Technology Solutions LLC,
United States

Keywords: Enhanced Composites, Advanced Nanocomposites, z-directional properties, Aerospace, Defense


Multiscale Integrated Technology Solutions LLC (MITS) is the first and only company to manufacture electrospun aligned carbon nanotube (CNT)/epoxy nanofiber scaffolds. The application of these ultra-fine nanoscaffold layers between conventional CFRP prepreg composites will result in notable improvements in interlaminar shear strength, durability, barely visible impact damage (BVID) in addition to improvements in thermal conductivity and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding. The resulting CNT/epoxy fibers have an adjustable submicron diameter of 100-500 nm and their inclusion between prepreg layers will result in a positive shift in failure mode from interlaminar and fiber-matrix interface failure, to the desired fiber breakage failure. The process by which the CNT/epoxy nanofibers are incorporated onto existing CFRP prepreg rolls is by electrospinning, which produces nanoscale enhanced (NSE) CFRPs which can be used by all current users of CFRP rolls with no change in their fabrication processes to manufacture composite parts that are much stronger and exhibit the other mechanical and electrical improvements noted above. Because of the improved strength and toughness of the NSE composites, parts can be manufactured with 20% less material to meet the same design criteria, leading to lighter but stronger structures.