Long Duration Utility-Grade Energy Storage

A. Klassen
Invinity Energy Systems,
United States

Keywords: energy storage, long duration, vanadium, redox, flow battery


Interest in long-duration vanadium flow batteries as an alternative to lithium ion continue to rise. A long-proven technology, the current uptake in the market is partly due to a shift from large batteries built in-place to factory-produced modular units that are easily shipped and installed. Well-suited to stationary storage, modular vanadium flow batteries can easily scale from systems suitable for businesses and distributed grid assets, up to large utility-scale projects that shift massive amounts of renewable energy over many hours. The presentation will provide insight on the fundamental characteristics of vanadium flow batteries: their core design features, safety profile, long life, and strong economics. Also included will be a look at vanadium flow batteries being deployed today in a wide range of applications from wind, solar, and tidal energy dispatch to resilience and the provision of grid services like frequency response.