An Ultrasensitive Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) for harsh RF environments

J. Chung, A. Iliadis
University of Maryland - College Park,
United States

Keywords: low noise amplifiers, LNA, sensor, RFIC, integrated circuits, CMOS


A Highly Sensitive Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) for Signal Detection Threats in Harsh RF Environments. In the congested multitude of signals in the rich RF spectrum of mobile communication, Wi-Fi, RADAR, digital data and control systems, it is important to identify and detect the RF signal of interest that may cause interference, and/or hard or soft errors that can threaten the cybersecurity of well protected systems and can breach the integrity of the system introducing malware and temporary or permanent shut downs of systems. In this work, the modeling and evaluation of a CMOS IC LNA chip capable of RF detection of signals up to -70dBm power levels, is reported. The IC CMOS chip circuit design uses a gm/ID algorithm, and it is realized in 180nm CMOS IC technology. A special optimization technique is used in the design of the LNAs for critical noise-suppression. The front end of the LNAs includes specially designed matching elements on-chip (such as IC inductors) for resonance with the targeted frequencies. Simulation results show LNA performance of s11= -9.3dB, s12 = -44.2dB, s21 =12.7dB, s22 =-10.8dB and NF=3.8dB.