Nanocomposites of Mesoporous (Mn, Ti)- Oxides and Graphene Nanoplatelets for Charge Storage

J.D. Houck, V.S. Amar, R.V. Shende
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology,
United States

Keywords: sol-gel, (Mn, Ti) – oxides, Gr platelets, resodyne mixing, supercapacitor


Nanocomposites of mesoporous (Mn, Ti)-oxides and graphene nanoplatelets were prepared by high intensity mixing and used as supercapacitor electrodes. Mesoporous (Mn, Ti)- oxides were synthesized with Ti:Mn precursor ratios of 36:65 wt.% and 70:30 wt.% using the surfactant templating assisted sol-gel method followed by calcination at different temperatures. These materials were characterized by powdered x-ray diffraction, BET analyzer, Raman spectroscopy, and SEM/EDX. (Mn, Ti)- oxides were mixed with graphene nanoplatelets at 3, 5, and 10 wt.% using ultrahigh intensity mixer. As-prepared nanocomposite were used to fabricate supercapacitors, which were analyzed by the cyclic voltammetry to determine the specific capacitance. Synthesis and characterization of the nanocomposites, and specific capacitance of different electrodes will be presented.