Zero Bandwidth, Zero Storage, Full Evidentiary Data

M. Script,
United States

Keywords: bandwidth storage AI deep learning machine control VSaaS


vClick3d’s CurveSCPTM is a Sensory Communications Platform. CurveSCP is the next generation cloud management platform that enables the integration of video, IoT and sensors for the surveillance market. Demand for integrated cloud based security systems, intelligent analytics and M2M connections is exploding globally, but growth in all markets is limited by bandwidth constraints that inhibit data flow, accuracy of analytics and increases storage/operational costs. Without bandwidth, the sensors, analytics and the delivery of data fail. In addition, companies like Verizon, AT&T, Ericsson and GE have billions exposed in network failures and $2B in revenue loss from burdened bandwidth and customer demands for service. Our solution, vClick3d Curv3DTM and CurvAITM employ proprietary software that uses 3D volumetric detection and AI analytics for 28 TIMES reduction in bandwidth, using ZERO compression while maintaining full evidentiary data. Curve3D is an upgrade to existing installed base, augmenting analog and digital cameras, working to relieve bandwidth constraints, and operational costs and enable full utilization of hardware. It provides faster detection and preserves 100% scene data, opening the channel for analytic efficiency, accuracy and base for the next gen computer vision EDGE analytics. The $101B Video Surveillance and VSaaS market is growing at 16.6%CAGR (Transparency Market Research). The use of video surveillance across different industries is adding to the growth significantly. Developments with cloud computing and the software surveillance market has transformed the industry compared to previous decades. The growth is fueled by IP based technology, and sensor fusion with smart cameras, all leading to a strong foundation for VSaaS growth. Over 2.5B surveillance cameras are in operation worldwide, with appx 700 petabytes of surveillance video recorded daily but less than 5% of the installed base is using computer vision technology or advanced analytics, but new technology has enabled a more proactive approach for an efficient security system. Management • Michael Script, CEO 25-year Security Industry expert Founder/CEO, startup – Guardit Technologies, LLC Senior Management Consultant – CTG, IBC, IBM • Kristi Buckles Otto, COO/MO 20-years Strategic planning and marketing, Fortune 100 companies; 10 years Safety and Security industry, Co-Founder, Startup - Guardit Technologies LLC • Dan Moodie (CTO) Senior IT Engineer, 10 years of experience Computer Vision, Analytics, Machine Learning • Erick McKinley (CSO) Senior IT Security Exec, Over 15 years Cyber Security and Data Base Expertise (DOD, DOJ,), Award winner in Cybersecurity