Linear Ion Implantation Source for Anti-Reflection Modification of Glass Surfaces

A. Welsh, R. Weiss, N. White, D. Brown
Malachite Technologies,
United States

Keywords: ion implantation, anti-reflection layer, surface modification


We present source design and process results of a uniquely scalable ribbon ion beam for modifying glass surface reflectance by an ion implantation method. This ion implant technique uses a 50 keV argon ion beam to induce a micro-porous layer within the glass surface creating a durable, graded-index layer that can reduce reflectance to less than 1%. Control over the optical properties of glass surfaces has significant application towards improving the efficiency and performance of PV solar top glass, architectural building materials, display coverglass, and automotive windscreens. Similar surface modifications were first reported in the early 1980s, but never achieved commercial viability due to the lack of a source design capable of linear scale, high ion currents, and cost effective integration. We have solved this fundamental economics problem as our source is linearly scalable to over 2 meters length, can generate beam currents up to one amp per linear meter and output ion energies up to 60keV. The source uses a single slit, three electrode extraction configuration to produce neutral beams with divergence < 2°. This presentation provides an overview of the source design, process results demonstrating the anti-reflection technique, and shows integration of the source with in-line style glass processing systems.