Industry Partnerships: Building the Educated Tech Pipeline

M. Pleil, C. Cramer, J. Ashcroft
Micro Nano Technology Education Center,
United States

Keywords: Technician Education, MEMS, Electronics, Nanotechnology, Business Industry Leadership Team


The Micro Nano Technology Education Center (MNT-EC) is a recently funded National Science Foundation Advanced Technology Education (ATE) national center. We know that the post-COVID era has meant limited resources in high-tech manufacturing and that even with innovation and government stimulus, the ability to hire, train, onboard, or up-skill your workforce is considerably more challenging. MNT-EC is dedicated to fulfilling your current and future needs for skilled technical staff by addressing training challenges with novel education and training methodologies. The MNT-EC strives to support Micro Nano Technician programs across the United States’ community colleges by providing critical resources for educators and students such as educational materials, student research experiences, professional development in MNT areas, access to subject matter experts, internships and job leads. These activities will lead to an increase in the number of student technician graduates and guarantee that technicians having the requisite job skills needed for the success in the micro-nano technology industry. To maintain relevancy, the MNT-EC is creating deep Industry/education alliances that support industry and student success. We recognize that it is vital for us to establish and maintain a strong communication channel where industry leaders can share their specific subject matter expertise and articulate technician requirements with the educational institutions that produce future employees. The MNT-EC is growing its Business & Industry Leadership Team (BILT) to drive and focus this communication. The MNT-EC BILT team provides a platform for members to shape the future of MNT technical education and secure the pipeline of highly skilled graduates from community colleges across the country. The BILT members are responsible for advocating for the industry needs that will elevate the effectiveness and sustainability of MNT education programs. They work hand-in-hand with members of the MNT-EC community to ensure the future of a successful MNT industry workforce. This presentation (poster) will provide industry participants an opportunity to learn about the MNT-EC community, ask questions of the MNT-EC leaders, and consider joining the BILT to have a voice in the shaping of Micro Nano Tech programs and their graduates. Additional partnership models will be presented which include Advisory, Curricular Development and Review, Instructional Support, Program Support, and Workplace-based Learning. Make sure you come by our booth as well to learn more about MNT-EC, BILT and the NSF ATE program.