Kock-Yee Law

Founder and CEO

Research and Innovative Solutions


Dr. Kock-Yee Law is the Founder of Research and Innovative Solutions (www.researchandinnovativesolutions.com), a global provider of technical advices and education services to the high-tech industry.   Dr. Law is an extremely prolific scientist.  He has published more than 120 papers in peer-reviewed journals and filed over 125 US patent applications of which >115 were granted.  He has been invited to speak in numerous professional society meetings and international conferences.  He is currently associate editor for Surface Innovations and serves on the editorial board for Advances in Colloid and Interface Science.  Dr. Law has been active in the NSTI Nanotech Conferences since 2008.  He is currently organizer and chair for the Surfaces, Coatings and Membranes Symposium at Nanotech 2017.

Prior to Research and Innovative Solutions, Dr. Law worked in the printing industry for 34 years mostly at the Xerox Webster Research Center. In addition to his specialty in surfaces/coatings, spectroscopy, mechanistic studies and advanced electronic materials, Dr. Law spent ~8 years in product development leading teams to inject new technologies into Xerox printer products, which resulted in the launch of the 1st gen chemical toner products at Xerox and performance enhancement for the once flagship product iGen3. Between 2007 to 2012, Dr. Law championed Nanotechnology using it as an innovation engine for Xerox future products.  His team investigated various radical technology possibilities for inkjet, offset and printed electronics.  Some of Dr. Law knowledges and experiences have already been shared in short courses in NSTI Nanotech 2013-2016 conferences, Non-impact Printing Conferences (2014/15) and IMI Inkjet Conferences (2012-14).