Flexible Organic Sensors for Biomechanical Measurements

Tse Nga (Tina) Ng

Associate Professor

University of California San Diego

Dr. Tse Nga Tina Ng is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of California San Diego (UCSD), USA. She received her PhD in Physical Chemistry under the supervision of Professor John Marohn at Cornell University. Subsequently she worked at Palo Alto Research Center before joining UCSD in 2015. Her projects involved engineering solution materials and inventing new devices and systems using ink-jet and other types of digital fabrication. Her work on printed systems has received the 2012 Innovation Award from Flextech Alliance, named Runner-up for the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award, and received second place in the 2017 Bell Lab Prize. She is named the Hartwell Biomedical Investigator in 2017. She is on the Editorial Board of the journal Flexible Printed Electronics and ACS Applied Electronic Materials.