Development of Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell Technology (SOEC) for Hydrogen Production

Hossein Ghezel-ayagh

Vice President, Advanced Technology Programs

FuelCell Energy, Inc.

Hossein Ghezel-Ayagh is the VP of Advanced Technology Programs at FuelCell Energy (FCE). Hossein has a PhD degree from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chemical Engineering. He has been involved in research activities related to electrochemical conversion devices and has participated in various aspects of product development including materials, electrocatalysis, fuel cell stack, fuel processing for natural gas and logistic fuels, carbon capture, hydrogen production systems, energy storage, and power generation for both stationary and mobile applications such as ship auxiliary power units and autonomous vehicles. He has a proven record of accomplishment and long history of successful innovation and commercial product realization and launch. He directs a highly skilled team of scientists and engineers, who are involved in all aspects of the fuel cell and electrolysis technology development including cell components, stack scale-up, and systems design. Currently, Hossein manages the development of both oxide conducing and proton-conducting solid oxide (SOFC) systems, high temperature electrolysis technology, and molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) carbon capture plants at FuelCell Energy.