Nanostructure Design and Morphology Control of Thin-film Composite Membrane for Enhanced Desalination Performance

Q. Jason Niu

Institute for Advanced Study

Shenzhen University, China

Dr. Q. Jason Niu is a distinguish professor at Shenzhen University, China.  After a Ph.D. (Cornell) and post-doc (Berkeley), he worked since 1997 in the United States for internationals companies, researching different areas of advanced materials for electronics, energy applications, and reverse osmosis.  This included a decade focused on water technologies, as principal scientist at both Dow Chemical and GE Water & Process Technologies.  He was appointed professor and PhD supervisor at China University of Petroleum (East China) in 2014 and at Shenzhen University in 2019.  His current research group is dedicated to the fundamental and applied research in several membrane material and chemistry areas including 1) designing new interfaces with controlled morphology and functionalities to achieve optimal separation in water-treatment applications; 2) tailoring the intrinsic nano-structured features of polymeric materials to achieve the precise control of pore size and pose size distribution in membrane for ion-sieving; 3) modeling the multi-component interfaces and nanoporous architecture to understand the relationship between membrane structure, fabrication process and its separation performance. Research in these areas have been published in ACS Applied Materials and InterfacesJournal of Membrane Science, Journal of Material Chemistry A, and other international journals.