Wing Kam Liu

Walter P. Murphy Professor

Northwestern University

Professor Wing Kam Liu is the Walter P. Murphy Professor of Northwestern University, Director of Global Center on Advanced Material Systems and Simulation, Past President (2018-present) and President (2014-2018) of the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM), Past Chair (2017-2018) and Chair (2015-2016) of the US National Committee on TAM and Member of Board of International Scientific Organizations, both within the US National Academies. Selected synergistic activities includes the development of ICME multiscale theories, methods, and software with experimental validations for the design and analysis of engineering material systems, materials design, advanced and additive manufacturing; and technology transfer.  He is Cited by Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) as one of the most highly cited, influential researchers in Engineering (2001) and Computer Science (2014). He has over 39 years of engineering and manufacturing consulting, including a broad array of companies and industries, small businesses, and international corporations.