Yun Jin

Senior Scientist

FiberLean Technologies Ltd., United Kingdom

Dr Yun Jin is Senior Scientist in the New Product Development team. he has a degree in Applied Chemistry from Shanghai University and Ph.D in Physical Chemistry from University of Bath. He specialises in the area of synthesis and application of surface-modified nanocellulose. He joined Imerys Minerals Ltd as a Research Scientist in 2016, shortly before transferring to FiberLean Technologies Ltd in May 2016. Since then, he has worked as Senior Scientist, leading the technical development of new application projects for FiberLean products . His current work focuses on developing application of microfibrillated cellulose-mineral in construction industries, including its use as binder in building materials to enhance the physical, mechanical and thermal properties. He is one of the original inventors on the FiberLean’s patent of microfibrillated cellulose in building products.