Metal 3D Printing with no laser, powder, or sintering

K. Hsu, A. Deshpande
Reverb Industrial,
United States

Keywords: metal 3d printing, solid-state process, near net shape


Directed Acoustic Energy Deposition (DAED) is a newly developed metal 3D printing technology capable of producing high-density (greater than 99.9%) solid metal components. It works by introducing small-amplitude high-frequency oscillations into solid metal fine-wire feedstocks, and fusing it into a desired 3D structure layer by layer. This new technology can lower the capital, operation, and maintenance costs in small-run production of metal parts and metal prototyping by a factor of 10. Parts produced by the DAED technology presents no residual stress, re-solidification-related microstructural defects, or shrinkage right off the build plate. In this presentation, how this technology is applied to aluminum 6061 alloy to produce fully dense, stress-free, micro-crack-free functional components using wrought Al6061 wire feedstock will be presented and discussed, alone with characterizations of metallurgical, mechanical, and physical properties of printed parts.