Emerging Opportunities for Transparent Conductors

S. Dale
United Kingdom

Keywords: transparent conductors, electronics, displays, solar, graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanomaterials, autonomous vehicles


While transparent conductors are established in touch sensitive displays, multiple technological transitions are enabling many new application opportunities. As devices trend towards flexibility, economical, flexible transparent conductors are needed. As connectivity increases, transparent conductors enable more surfaces to be part of communication by transforming windows into antennas. The drive towards vehicle autonomy means more optical sensors in our cars which need to operate through surfaces unsullied by condensation, which could lead to a transparent heater in every headlight. As requirements for transparent conductors increase in these ways and more, it is essential to be prepared to tackle the opportunities and challenges created by this trajectory, given the industry’s crowded technology space. In this presentation, the landscape of existing and emerging transparent conductive material technologies will be outlined. Emerging applications will be discussed, with attention given to the material technologies best suited to fill these niches. The remaining technological challenges to be met will be highlighted and forecast adoption roadmaps presented. IDTechEx has been following this field for years and talking to many of its key players, making it well-positioned to map out the future of these exciting materials.