Breakthroughs in Lipid Nanoparticle Innovations for mRNA and DNA Delivery

D. Zhu
Cureport, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: lipid nanoparticle innovation, mRNA DNA siRNA delivery, gene transfection


In response to the pharmaceuticals’ immediate and challenging demand for the more efficacious and safer lipid nanoparticles (LNP) for DNA/RNA delivery, Cureport has made breakthroughs in LNP innovations. In comparison to currently FDA approved LNPs, Cureport’s novel LNPs demonstrated the following superior features: i) High efficiency for both plasmid DNA and mRNA delivery; ii) 10–50× reduction in mRNA dose; iii) 100–300X reduction in the dose of cationic (ionizable) lipid; iv) >95% transfection rate of the cells;. v) 10–60X higher protein expression; vi) high cell uptake and fast protein expression; vii) non-cytotoxicity; viii) Long-lasting gene propagation and protein expression. Combining all the significantly improved key facters of trasfection, including the low mRNA dose, robust cell transfection rate, and high protein expression, the mRNA/plasmid DNA delivery power of the novel LNPs increase hundreds of times compared to the currently FDA approved control LNPs.