Using Contact Angle Measurement for Determination of the Surface Free Energy of Nonporous Core Samples

I.A. Hashim, E. Gobina
Robert Godden University,
United Kingdom

Keywords: nano porous core, contact angle measurements, sensile drop method, microanalysis, SEM, EDX


ABSTRACT Contact angle measurement is used to characterized core sample and it is one of the most used methods for solid surface characterization. In contact angle measurement, image analysis is carried out, and this technique is reliable that showed accuracy of results. The contact angle measurement is performed by the liquid in contact with the nano-porous core samples of different form of nanocore samples. For this purpose, sessile drop method is used in this study to measure contact angle. Ceramic membrane of 15nm big, 6000nm, 15nm small was used for the contact measurement for determination of surface free energy. Contact angle measurements were carried using Attention theta tensiometer Biolin scientific. The size of the liquid droplet was constant at 2.5L, 3.5L,4.5L and L. contact angle of the droplet on both sides were calculated and average value of seven measurements was used. All measurement in these experiments were carried out at room temperature. the contact angle formed by a single drop of a every liquid were analyzed and recorded by software called “one Attention, on a system connected to the instrument. Image records were set to 20 seconds at %200FPS. The values formed between the right and left and the determined baseline points of the liquid droplet with the nano core samples were measured by the program. The average contact angle after 20 s was calculated by averaging of all mean values. After the contact angle measurement, a microanalysis of the nanocore samples was performed using scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive X ray micro analysis. (SEM/EDX).