Surgical Robotic System for Long Bone Fracture Alignment

M. Abedin-Nasab, M. Saeedi-Hosseiny
Rowan University,
United States

Keywords: robotic surgery, image-guided surgery, orthopedics


Robossis is an orthopedic surgical robot that benefits patients by eliminating malalignments and repeated operations; and minimizing radiation exposure, soft tissue damage, recovery time, and cost. Robossis has the potential to become the omnipotent presence in orthopedic surgery that the da Vinci robot has become in laparoscopic procedures. Robossis will be a revolutionary surgical robot for treating femur fractures in the hip and femoral shaft. Unlike traditional femur fracture surgeries, Robossis will enable the surgeon to accurately apply large traction forces, precisely align the fractured bone, and significantly reduce radiation exposure. The robot has a unique architecture with a frontally open half-plane. This facilitates positioning the leg inside the robot and provides a large workspace for surgical maneuvers. Using its own imaging technology, Robossis will drive the bone fragments into correct alignment and hold them in position for the duration of the surgery.