Study of Nonclassical Fullerenes C_192 and C_204 with Seven Heptagon Rings

F.J. Sanchez-Bernabe
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana,

Keywords: nonclassical fullerene, Isolated pentagon rule, Schlegel diagram, GeoGebra, CaGe


In this paper, we present some examples of nonclassical fullerenes with seven heptagon rings. For instance, a nonclassical fullerene with 192 carbons, seven heptagons, 19 pentagons, and 72 hexagons, is considered. Two of the seven heptagons are surrounded by five hexagons, and two pentagons. On the other hand, five heptagons are surrounded by four hexagons, and three pentagons. The other fullerene with seven heptagon rings is constituted by 204 carbons. We utilize application GeoGebra, and software CaGe to generate representations of considered molecules. Schlegel and structural diagrams are also provided. Our goal is to look for patterns in the structural diagrams of fullerenes with seven heptagon rings. Results obtained are compared with structural diagrams corresponding to fullerenes with four or five heptagon rings.