Fungal Attractant to Enhance Termite Bait Stations

N. Little, J. Riggins, T. Schultz
Mississippi State University,
United States

Keywords: subterranean termites, termite bait station, blue-stain wood


Termites are attracted to blue-stained pine, see attached publications. Termite bait stations are placed in the soil around homes, buildings, etc., aud use wood as a feeding attractant for randomly foraging subterranean termites. This wood bait is treated with a slow acting toxicant. Termite workers feed on the wood bait aud auy chemicals it may contain while recruiting other termites to the site. Termite workers feed other castes within the colony, which slowly die off after ingesting the toxicant. If one can increase the "attractiveness" of the bait source within the bait station to subterranean termites or the consumption of the toxicant contained within, the effectiveness of the poisoned bait station is increased, aud the home/building is better protected against subterranean termites.