Synthesis of microalgae-derived Microporous Carbons Captured Metal Oxides for Catalytic Conversion

F. Yu, Y. Lu
Mississippi State University,
United States

Keywords: nano structured nickel based catalyst, nano structured tungsten based catalyst, nano structured molybdenum catalyst, microalgae-derived carbon materials, natural gas, methane, biogas, dry reforming, syngas, carbon-resistant, sulfur-tolerant, regeneration, recycle


The present invention provides methods and compositions for the Nickel-, Tungsten-, or Molybdenum-based nano-structured catalysts synthesized from microalgae-derived carbon materials for catalytic conversion of methane, natural gas, or biogas to synthesis gas (syngas). The invention includes nano-structure Nickel-, Tungsten-, Molybdenum-based catalyst compositions, methods of making the catalysts, and methods of using the catalysts including techniques to maintain catalyst stability. Certain embodiments teach compositions for catalyzing conversion of methane, natural gas, or biogas into syngas. Regeneration and recycling of the catalysts are also developed.