Dynamics of high-viscosity multiphase flows in microfluidics

T. Cubaud
Stony Brook University,
United States

Keywords: microfluidics, microchannels


Microfluidic platforms are useful for producing and tailoring the properties of multi-component materials, yet our current ability to structure and process thick substances is limited. Here, various aspects of high-viscosity fluids multiphase flows are investigated in square microchannels to better characterize relationships between fluid properties and transport phenomena in confined microsystems. I will discuss in particular basic hydrodynamic destabilization processes between fluids having large differences in viscosity and compare useful miscible and immiscible fluids flow regimes for enhancing inline mixing and emulsification processes. Focus is on the formation and evolution of interfacial waves, threads, and droplets to refine our understanding of high-viscosity fluid dynamics and improve manipulations of thick materials at the small scale.