Direct Oxygen Air Capture Using Pressure-Driven Ion Transport Membranes: Membrane Support Evaluation

S. Antwi, A. Giwa, E. Gobina
Robert Gordon University,
United Kingdom

Keywords: air separation, oxygen production, membrane, ion transport, pressure


ABSTRACT In the chemical and medical fields, oxygen-enriched air plays a vital role in their operation. Commercial production of oxygen-enriched air is achieved by cryogenic distillation and pressure swing adsorption, respectively. The function of these two technologies demands intensive energy use and large built-up, which does not make them economically advantageous. As membrane technology has progressed in separation processes, it earns the attentiveness from industrial and academic to investigate the practicality of membrane in gas separation. This presentation centres on building ceramic membranes to yield oxygen as prospective relief for the existing air separation techniques. Different materials can accomplish this, and membrane structures will be characterised and tested. Optimisation of membrane permeation and selectivity /yield of chemical reactions will take place through catalytic activation. Air transport and separation through flaw-free ease transport membranes constructed on mixed oxide ceramic membranes is analysed in methodical diverse composition for air (oxygen and nitrogen) separation. Oxygen transit in the membrane eased through selective and reversive interaction of oxygen and ion transport ceramic layer through bond interaction. A continuous and thin discriminatory layer formed on the substrate as mixed oxide ceramic has a perfect affinity for oxygen ions. The addition of a calculated number of other constituents facilitates the separation fulfilment of the membrane and limit feed pressure. This research generates a prospective membrane material in a modest state for oxygen and nitrogen separation. Categorisation of the membranes will be carried out based on thermal, mechanical, porosity, pore size dispensation, sorption, morphology, and permeation properties—the built membrane ordered for coating absorption, nanoparticles loading and a specific number of coatings. The proposed technique is uncomplicated and productive concerning cost.