Inertial Sensor based on Harvesting Energy Carbon Nanotube Yarn

J.H. Moon, T.J. Mun, S.J. Kim
Hanyang university,

Keywords: carbon nanotube, energy harvesting, inertial sensor


Inertial sensors are devices that can monitor inertial movements like linear acceleration and angular motions, in various applications such as industrial and human monitoring. For wearable and portable applications, inertial sensors are better to be self-powered and miniaturized. We developed a self-powered inertial sensor with various applications having high accuracy based on carbon nanotube (CNT) yarn. Our inertial sensor can sense and monitor inertial movements without any external power by harvesting the mechanical energy to electric energy by the coiled CNT yarn. For applications, the sensor can monitor practical kinds of inertial movements, such as impact energy, vibrations, tilting, and body motions such as walking, running, jump and squatting motions. These results suggest that the self-powered inertial sensor shows the advantages of portable and wearable application in industrial and human motion monitoring system.