Work From Home/ Work Remote for Infrastructure Consumers

C.T. Reynolds
Technical Systems Integrators,
United States

Keywords: automation infrastructure, AgileWARE


The Engineering Community faces numerous challenges from the pandemic that has brought onsite workplace tasks on physical infrastructure to a halt. Engineers who could normally be counted on to setup, configure, and consume physical infrastructure for a variety of use cases from DevOps/DevSecOps to production test have been severely impacted due to Pandemic constraints of working from home or remote locations. The workflow velocity around these use cases has been limited due to the lack of remote control and automation for these tasks. A new level of remote control and tools is needed to facilitate the implementation of these tasks and maintain the pace of work. As engineers struggle to meet the deadlines of work, self-service remote automation for the setup, configuration and use of the infrastructure is a prime area to focus on as the return on investment can be very large across the user community. Technical Systems Integrators, Inc. (TSI) has studied and delivered proven work from home or work remote solutions to handle the challenges of today’s pandemic-based requirements. Given the success of our solutions and large Return on Investment experienced by our customers, we see our solution providing the greatest potential to automate and enhance commercial and government entities effectiveness and quality, while working remotely. This capability is provided by TSI and incorporated into our WFH_WR™ (Work From Home – Work Remote) solution using CloudShell™, a leading infrastructure automation software for service-oriented architecture systems, hardware, software and networks. AgileWARE™ is an end-to-end automation framework solution based on CloudShell™ that encompasses the entire test environment and lifecycle of infrastructure and the workflows inherent. The system provides code-free test authoring, automatic test execution, advanced test management, complete lab and resource management, and comprehensive test reporting and analysis. Through its comprehensive automation of the testing process, CloudShell™ has assisted entities like Cisco, Juniper, Verizon, AT&T, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Indo-Pacific Command (PACOM), and many others to improve product quality, shorten time to market, and significantly reduce capital and operational expenditures. Notable -examples of reductions in test-cycle time with CloudShell™ include a reduction of 50+ days to 8 hours for DISA and 3 days to 1.5 hours for Telstra. WFH_WR™ implemented by TSI can provide test organizations with the ability to better control and automate remote configurations, enable remote enterprise-level control of test assets, allow automated remote regression testing, provide remote real-time test metrics, improve the remote scheduling and coordination of testing, share remote infrastructure across the organization, and provide complete lifecycle management from development through production for remote workers.