Nonclassical Fullerenes C_60 and C_66 with Five Heptagon Rings

F.J. Sanchez-Bernabe
Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana,

Keywords: nonclassical fullerene, isolated pentagon rule, Schlegel diagram, CaGe


In this paper, we present a couple of examples of nonclassical fullerenes with five heptagon rings. The first of them, a nonclassical fullerene with 60 carbons, five heptagons, 17 pentagons, and 10 hexagons, is considered. This fullerene has the property that a couple of heptagons are located next to each other, and they are surrounded by two hexagons, and four pentagons. On the other hand, the remaining three heptagons are surrounded by four pentagons, and three hexagons. The other fullerene with five heptagon rings is constituted by 66 carbons, and there is no heptagon located next to another one.