Imaging and analysis - an engine for the discovery and innovation

N. Yao
Princeton University,
United States

Keywords: Imaging, analysis, characterization


With the latest development in science and technology, advanced imaging and analysis continues to increase its importance as a powerful engine for the discovery and fundamental understanding of atomic scale phenomena and structures in complex materials. This talk will introduce a world-leading center in advanced materials characterization at Princeton and its contributions in education and research, as well as fruitful collaborations with industry. Furthermore, two research examples will be presented. First, we describe the discovery of the first natural quasicrystal, a finding that has revolutionized the science of natural crystal chemistry by identifying the third form of solid in nature besides crystalline and non-crystalline. Second, we discuss an unprecedented measurement of breaking of a single chemical bond between a carbon atom and an iron atom on different molecules. Since every chemical reaction involves the making and breaking of atomic bonds, our study on the nature of these bonds and the forces that alter them is crucial to understanding chemical and catalytic processes.