CORSI - AI/ML Verification & Validation

S. Vasan, S. Chelian
Quantum Ventura Inc.,
United States

Keywords: artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, verification, validation, safety, robustness


CORSI is a suite of AI/ML robustness, safety, validation and verification tools to ensure unacceptable behaviors will not occur in AI/ML systems. CORSI evaluates both white box (where the source code and the ML models are available) and black box (where ML application structure and details are unknown) AI/ML models. Upon evaluation, CORSI generates a comprehensive report highlighting the areas of risk, concern and shortcomings. CORSI assigns safety/robustness ratings and defends AI/ML systems against adversarial attacks. Quantum Ventura Inc. specializes in Advanced AI/ML, ML verification, Cybersecurity, HPC, and Neuromorphic Computing. CORSI technology has wide appeal since it covers a variety of Machine Learning networks. With direct participation from Lockheed Martin as or development partner, we can globally transition our technology into commercial and defense sectors.