Functional inks for In-Mold Electronics (IME) and High Temperature applications

H-H. Lee
United States

Keywords: In-Mold Electronics (IME), flexible electronics


In this presentation, DuPont MCM’s new IME functional ink portfolio and high temperature applicable inks will be discussed. Conventional functional inks for flexible electronics have been applied to 2-d plastic substrate. Recently, form factor of flexible electronics expanded to 3-d functional surface by using IME technology to realize more design freedom, durability, and lighter device by integrating electric circuit into plastic housing. DuPont MCM’s new IME inks (conductor, dielectric and ECA) significantly improved both stretching and electrical performance. Recently, we also improved thermal/electrical performance of high temperature resistant functional inks (HT series inks) by using a new Polyimide binder. HT inks are much more thermally and chemically resistant vs. conventional functional inks which offers wider process/application temperature range. Our new high temperature inks and their potential application areas will be discussed.