New Advancements in Nanotechnology Organization (NANO) introduction, strategy and portfolio 2022-2023

Y.A. Suleiman, B.A. Suleiman, P. Radulovic, A. Aljassabi
University of South Florida,
United States


New Advancements in Nanotechnology Organization (NANO) is a student organization initiated at the University of South Florida. NANO’s vision is to highlight new scientific technology that heavily impacts the pharmaceutical, medicinal, and engineering fields of study. In addition, this organization educates students and the new generation of scientists about the latest advancements in Nanotechnology. This poster aims to provide information about the future and current approaches of our student organization.NANO has both an educational and social purpose. It creates an environment for graduate and undergraduate students to network and share knowledge and experiences through student-friendly events and workshops, offering students with different academic backgrounds the opportunity to engage, discuss and develop new ideas and thoughts about the field of Nanotechnology.It also offers an excellent opportunity to enhance skill development through different conferences promoting participation, increasing the diversity and inclusion of minorities in improving their technology skills, leadership, and success. Current interesting topics with room for studying & collaborating are advances in nanoelectronics, nanobiotechnology, biosensing, nano-diagnostics, nanoimaging, and other innovative research areas and their applications in medicine, pharmacy, and more.