Fs-laser written 3D diamond circuit technology for photodetection and radiation-hardened electronics

I. Ponomarev
Euclid TechLabs,
United States

Keywords: diamond, fs-laser writing, photodetection, radiation hardened


Space capabilities play a central role in national security and military operations. Among key areas of interest for next-generation space technologies are Communications and System Design. The first challenge requires protecting communications from electronic warfare and cyber-attacks. The second area is seeking for solutions which improve reliability and SWaP-C of satellite electronics in harsh environment conditions. We propose a novel technology that can become a breakthrough step towards solutions of both challenges. Our approach combines superior electronic properties of Diamond material (radiation tolerance, high-temperature high-frequency operation, host for NV-center qubits for quantum communications) with the advanced femtosecond (fs) laser writing technique which allow fabricate arbitrary 3D photonic and conducting structures embedded in diamond with sub-micron precision.