Securing Sustainable Supply Chains for North America Critical Rare Earth Elements

D. Horn, J. Tuohy, G. Ives
United States

Keywords: sustainable, clean energy, green energy, renewable, sustainability, innovation, green technology, electric vehicle battery & battery, supply chain, procurement, rare earth, rare earth mining, ree, critical minerals, lithium, metals, national security, natural resources, environmental policy, diplomacy, international relations, politics, military, defense, Defense Production Act


Let’s bring it all together - scientific and technological innovations paired with public policy must support and advance each step of the domestic supply chain for critical rare earth minerals. As of now, 85% of mineral processing is done abroad. The GreenMet supply chain secures every step of the process. GreenMet is working to develop six major projects at home and in allied nations with a combined projected value of over $2 billion. It is quickly building unprecedented solutions in the battery and magnet supply chains. One example is a proposed REE refining and magnet production facility in the U.S., along with a separate magnet recycling facility. GreenMet CEO Drew Horn, a former U.S. Army Special Forces Officer, leads the company’s efforts and drives it towards its mission. After his service in uniform, he led a government-wide effort to assess and respond to vulnerabilities in the REM supply chain. Through his work with the White House, the Department of Energy, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, he determined just how vulnerable America is and was determined to address this weakness. Rare earth minerals (REM) are essential components in everything from rechargeable batteries in hybrid and electric cars to wind turbines, lasers, phones, computers, fighter jets and drones. In short, they are critical to America’s efforts to combat the climate crisis and for America’s national security. Unfortunately, America’s supply of rare earth minerals is both insecure and unsustainable. America’s competitors and adversaries dominate the REM supply, from mining to production. Further, that supply leaves behind environmental and labor wreckage; every ton of REM produced creates 2000 tons of toxic waste. Worse yet, that supply relies on slave labor and systematic human rights abuses. GreenMet is solving this glaring national security, human rights abuses, environmental and ethical liability. Founded by former Green Berets, public servants, senior administration officials, and congressional staffers, GreenMet is developing REM mining and production capacity in America’s allied nations, including Canada. GreenMet projects take sustainable approaches that reduce or eliminate toxic waste and emissions and eliminate strip mining. Further, they work to eliminate slave labor and other human rights abuses. All points along the supply chain from mining and extraction through refining and manufacturing must be done securely, sustainably, and responsibly. GreenMet supports the Biden Administration’s efforts from February and March of this year as well as the President’s activation of the Defense Production Act in April to bring about a greater push toward American supply chain dominance. GreenMet is working with the President and the Administration through strategic partnerships with NSC, NEC, DOE, NETL research, DOD offtake agreements, EXIM financing, and DFC financing. Drew Horn serves as a resource for the current policy initiatives and technology, as he led the previous Administration’s efforts in critical mineral supply chain development.