Numerical Modelling of Expansion Ratio with Respect to Temperature in High Melt Strength Long-Chain Branched Polypropylenes

M. Embabi
University of Toronto,

Keywords: numerical modellling, expansion ratio, Polypropylenes


In this study, we attempt to determine the governing factors dictating the foamability of high melt strength long-chain branched polypropylene (PP). This is achieved by screening the foamability of several different PP resins and plotting the expansion ratio with respect to temperature. The analytical data of each (e.g. melt flow rate, crystallization temperature, weight-average molecular weight, etc.) resin is collected and utilized in a series of correlation studies that are conducted versus the expansion ratio at each foaming temperature. Through this numerical approach, we aim to highlight the dominant factors that are driving expansion in PP, and eventually develop a numerical model that estimates the expansion behavior of PP with respect to temperature. The obtained results can help researchers, specifically resin developers, to optimize and tune the resin properties accordingly