Hee-Hyun Lee

Principal Investigator


Hee Hyun Lee is a Lead Scientist in Microcircuit Materials (MCM) of DuPont. He completed BS (1994), MS (1996) and Ph.D (2000) in Chemical Engineering Department of POSTECH.  His Ph.D. thesis is about Rheology and Microdomain structural analysis (by small angle x-ray scattering) of Block copolymers.  After Post-doc in Caltech investigating Rheo-Optical properties of Polymeric materials, he worked at LG chemical company for three years as a senior research scientist to develop novel LCD display materials. To further investigate electronic materials, he moved to US to pursue research in Printed Electronics using Soft lithography as a Post-doc in UIUC for two years.  From 2006, he started working at DuPont as a research scientist and worked on diverse industrial research programs including Printed Electronics, Pigment dispersion for commercial scale Inkjet, Polymeric composite for scratch resistant surface and TiO2 dispersion for high hiding power paint.  Last six years, Hee Hyun has focused on developing novel electronic functional inks including next generation PV paste, functional inks for In-Mold Electronics, high temperature applicable electronic inks in MCM business of DuPont.  He has published 10 peer reviewed research papers, holds 10 granted US patents and his research contributed to commercializing multiple functional ink products and composite materials.