Antoine Allanore

Assistant Professor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Antoine Allanore received his higher education in Nancy (France) where he earned a chemical process engineer diploma from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques and a M.Sc and PhD from Lorraine University. Dr. Allanore joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) in 2010 as a post- doctoral, after several years of service as a research engineer for ArcelorMittal. In 2012, he was appointed the T.B. King Assistant Professor of Metallurgy in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at MIT, where his research group aims at developing sustainable materials extraction and manufacturing processes. In particular, his laboratory investigates the electrochemical properties of metals and molten compounds, e.g. oxides and sulfides. He teaches thermodynamics and sustainable chemical metallurgy at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He received the Vittorio de Nora Award from TMS in 2012 alongside Dr. J. Yurko and the TMS Early Career Faculty Fellow Award in 2015.