ActiveHogel, A Light-Field Photonic Solution

T. Burnett
FoVI3D, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: light-field, holographic, spatial light modulators, hogel, microled


Light-field displays produce full-parallax/perspective correct 3D aerial imagery for one or more simultaneous viewers. While there have been a few prototype, large-format light-field displays demonstrated using OLED, LCD, LCoS or other spatial light modulator (SLM) technology, they suffered from projection artifacts that degraded the visualization experience. These artifacts can be resolved by developing a custom ┬ÁLED SLM specially designed for light-field displays. The ActiveHogel is a self-contained light-field projection system consisting of a control ASIC, static memory, the ┬ÁLED photonics subsystem, and hogel micro-optics. This is a revolutionary approach to advanced 3D visualization and provides an achievable roadmap to the commercialization of light-field displays for use in battlespace visualization, air space management, advanced simulation and training, and entertainment.