Innovating with AlMgty – the high performance Aluminium Alloy for Industrial Applications

M. Reddy
Fehrmann Tech Group,

Keywords: high performance aluminium alloy, 3D printing


Founded in 1895 as a foundry and Fehrmann Materials has progressively established AlMgty® as the world‘s first ultra high-strength/ductile Aluminum for HPD Casting , world‘s first corrosion-resistant Aluminum for Casting and AM as well as the world‘s first ultra-ductile Aluminum for Extrusion. Presentation Abstract Most standard alloys are established in the market but generally their mechanical properties do not match industrial application. This presentation will dive deep into how a 120 year old traditional family run foundry has transformed, embracing materials informatics and data science, R&D to develop a high performance Aluminium alloy within a short period of time and industry ready. Fehrmann’s high-performance aluminium alloys AlMgty® (aluminium magnesium = AlMg) have unique and outstanding mechanical properties with significant added value. With approximately 30 percent higher ultimate tensile strength and a much higher elongation, AlMgty® allows weight saving up to 30 percent. Amongst other applications, the AlMgty® alloy is suitable for chassis and structure in automobiles. Currently targeting the automotive industries and application in parts that require high energy absorption, maximum deformation and minismising failure to ensure road safety. Salient points of the presentation : • Brief introduction of the material AlMgty® and history of its origin in metal casting • Discussion on the unique alloy and its rapid development for industrial applications • Exhibiting mechanical properties similar to steel, with very high strength (200MPa yield point, 400MPa tensile strength) • Demonstrates very high elongation 25-40% elongation with the light weightedness of aluminum • Corrosion coating is not required on parts as the material is corrosion resistant in marine conditions. As an Al-Mg alloy, AlMgty® is corrosion-resistant : VW PV 1113 fulfilled. Since AlMgty® is available as a cast and wrought alloy, a cataphoretic paint coating may be omitted. • Compatible & processable to common metal printing systems with productive parameters • Scalability in industrial applications is proven with good processability in die casting and extrusion with similar mechanical properties. • Cost advantage: no exotic alloying elements such as Scandium to keep costs minimal • Existing series applications and test parts have proven to be successful and will be shown • World‘s toughest aluminium for casting, extrusion and 3D printing • Material and Weight saving enhancing cost efficiency • Highly impactful on sustainability and durability through its corrosion resistance property • Anodizabile for functional surface parts finding immediate applications • Recycling of the entire car body without disassembly • AlMgty® is a family of alloys that can be used for casting, wrought and 3D printing applications. • Material mix consolidation for Automotive application : AlMgty® allows the complete car body to be made from one material • If the body is made entirely of AlMgty®, it can be recycled without need for dismantling • The use of scrap with a suitable chemical composition is possible. • AlMgty® variants are recycling compatible