A new gold standard in catalyst

S. Lim, S.H. Kang
QuantumCat Co., Ltd.,

Keywords: gold catalyst


Gold nanoparticle-based catalysts, which have received great attention as catalysts that operate even at low temperatures, have been very limited practical applications due to their lack of stability. Here, we, QuantumCat Co., Ltd., who is start-up in Republic of Korea, present a novel technique that confines gold nanoparticles individually in nanocages, giving them excellent stability and catalytic activity. QuantumCat gold catalysts made of gold nanoparticles show exceptionally high catalytic activity for CO oxidation at room temperature. QuantumCat gold catalysts also show excellent stability, maintaining structural stability and catalytic activity without any degradation during continuous catalytic reactions for one month. This is the world's first technology to commercialize gold nanocatalysts which can be applied to various chemical industries and energy fields, and will contribute to carbon neutrality.